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IntelliGrip: Optimum Traction at all Times for Opel Grandland X

Thu, 01/03/2018 - 14:15

  • Five adaptive traction control modes: From normal and snow to mud and sand
  • Power where it’s needed: Torque distribution automatically adjusted
  • Ready for anything: Perfect balance between grip and wheel-spin


Drivers who want a compact SUV offering style and efficiency, along with a host of safety and driver assistance systems, need look no further than the new Opel Grandland X with the optional IntelliGrip adaptive traction control system.

IntelliGrip enables optimum traction and stability on all kinds of surface. Depending on the driving conditions, the driver of the front-wheel drive Grandland X simply selects the appropriate traction control mode via the rotary dial on the centre console. The electronics then immediately adapt torque distribution to the wheels and the ESP to the selected mode.

“The Opel Grandland X SUV offers numerous innovations such as 360-degree camera, adaptive full-LED headlights and certified ergonomic seats, which make driving safer and more fun. And thanks to IntelliGrip technology, drivers can enjoy these benefits at any time, on a variety of road surfaces”, said Peter Küspert, Managing Director Sales and Marketing.

IntelliGrip features the following five modes:

  • Normal / On-road: ‘Normal mode’ is activated as soon as the Grandland X is started. ESP and traction control are calibrated for normal driving conditions downtown, on the motorway or in the countryside.
  • Snow: ‘Snow mode’ enables optimum traction on icy and snowy surfaces at speeds up to 50 km/h. Traction control regulates the slip of the front wheels, slowing down the spinning wheel and transferring the torque to the other front wheel.
  • Mud: This mode allows more wheel slip. This intentional spinning of the wheel with the least traction when the vehicle is launching enables the removal of mud from the tire, which can then regain traction. Meanwhile, the wheel with the most grip is provided with the highest torque. This mode is active up to 80 km/h.
  • Sand: This mode allows a small amount of simultaneous spin of both the front-driven wheels, enabling the vehicle to move and reducing the risk of sinking.
  • ESP Off: This deactivates ESP and traction control at speeds up to 50 km/h. For safety reasons, IntelliGrip automatically returns to ‘normal mode’ at speeds above 50 km/h.


IntelliGrip thus adapts torque distribution to the front wheels according to the selected mode, allowing slip when necessary and thus creating the optimum balance between grip and wheel-spin.

The innovative IntelliGrip technology is available with all powertrain combinations of the Grandland X as part of the optional ‘All Road Pack’, together with five-spoke 7.5J x 18-inch light alloy wheels and 225/55 R18 all-season tyres, on SC, SRi and Elite model variants. The All Road Pack starts at €290, depending on selected trim level.



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