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Opel “That’s How it Works” Tutorials Make Infotainment More Fun

Mon, 13/03/2017 - 11:00

  • “That’s How it Works” tutorial videos provide infotainment explanations and tips
  • Internet video format increasingly popular with consumers
  • Launching now with new-generation Navi 900 IntelliLink and R 4.0 IntelliLink


Rüsselsheim.  Knotting a tie, removing a stain or installing a washing machine. Instead of reading instructions literature or studying an owner’s manual, many consumers nowadays prefer to watch internet videos or “tutorials”. Opel is giving the trend additional impetus and releasing a new series of consumer tutorials about the Navi 900 IntelliLink and the R 4.0 IntelliLink infotainment systems.

Using a mixture of video animation and easy-to-understand narration, the short tutorials explain how to personalise the system and use functions such as navigation, phone and voice recognition, as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

For example, the tutorial “That’s How it Works: Navigation” with Navi 900 IntelliLink shows users how to enter a destination via the address or a point of interest and insert an additional waypoint, such as a petrol station, during route guidance.

The tutorials also offer helpful “Did you know?” hints and tips, such as how to change the map view and orientation with a single tap on the colour touchscreen of the Navi 900 IntelliLink; or how to disable the navigation voice announcements while making a phone call during route guidance.

“Video tutorials deliver simple answers to questions of everyday life. The format is ideal for explaining technologies such as infotainment systems” says Dr. David Voss, Manager Product Experience. “The broad appeal of tutorials among men and women of all ages perfectly suits the Opel brand, which has built its reputation on democratizing technology.”

In addition to explaining various functions, the “That’s How it Works” series includes a tutorial about how to personalize the infotainment system. By saving items such as playlists, contacts and addresses as favorites, listening to preferred music, calling regular contacts and navigating to popular destinations is just one tap of the eight-inch color screen away.

The “That’s How it Works” tutorials for Navi 900 IntelliLink and R 4.0 IntelliLink can be viewed on Opel’s YouTube channel.



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